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20 March 2010 @ 07:57 pm
So I'm back home in Stonington today for Spring break and find out Mom has gotten back together with her ex and she's moving out of this place, where she's lived for the last 13 years in like a week. So I have from now until Thursday to clean out my room and salvage what I don't want trashed. Here's some of what I found:

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
baseball ticket from con 4
complete set of 50 US state quarters
mozaic of homestar runner from like 10th/11th grade
greek mythology folder from 6th grade
DV tape from christmas 11th grade
graphing calculator
The Ha Ha-David Kirby
Welcome to the Monkeyhouse
my first catcher's mitt
like 12 jars of peanuts
my birth certificate
the motherfucking megazord
WR135 portfolio from WOU
date rejection letter from katherine welcome from 8th grade
7th grade agenda
Star Fox 64
DS stylus
Countles floppy discs and casette tapes
 Things to do realsoonnow
*Make a list
*Get a god damn job
*go grocery shopping
*repair bike flat tire
*finish filing taxes
**call Connecticut unemployment, make them explain fucked up 1099 they sent me
*Call State of Connecticut and get paper forms for filing state tax
*Finish applying for Financial Aid
**Get tax numbers from mom
**See if mom can file for 1098-T for me since she's claiming me as dependent
*Continue styling all over classes
*Get a job. Like seriously.
*Apply for foodstamps with state of rhode island
*See if I can qualify for Rhode Island unemployment
**Get RI official state ID.
***Track down Social Security card, probably at dad's house
*Obtain medical records -somehow- and pass on to family so I can stop being uninsured
*get new phone or at least phone backup plan
*Hit up $famblymember for rent money
*Hit up Trevor for 10.50 bucks he owes me
**Give 12 of said 13 bucks to Alex for Feb Mar internet, which he still hasn't come around asking for.
*Register for classes
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03 January 2010 @ 02:13 am
(I just realized I never wrote that part 3 recap from October. Oh well. Fill in a few lines of me squeeing about a girl I just met then go back and cross them out cause it fell through)

So what did I do in 2009.
I went to Oregon. I collected a lot of unemployment. I spent another summer at Skipper's. I got drunk for the first time and found out I liked tequila when it's cold. I went skinny dipping for the first time. I had sex in 5 different states. Had my first one night stand and my first local affair and the first time -I- turned the girl down. I fucking MOVED OUT and across state line. I went clubbing a bunch of times and had tons of fun. Went to 4 meets and saw tons of friends. Did many other first things. You know who you are  <3 Went back to college and I'm doing what I want to do now instead of college for the sake of college. Not quite standing on my own 2 legs, still getting lots of family handouts till I find a job, but I'm close. I gotta be. I met a girl back in September after I got back from Con/Oregon when I was down about the breakup with Keisha and we helped each other relax and became very close friends. My crush eventually grew to love for her and she returned my feelings. We've been together for only a few weeks but I like where it's going. I love you, Ana and hope to see you in 2010.
03 January 2010 @ 01:08 am
I remember so little about myself 10 years ago. I was a ten years old boy. What depth could I have had. I think at that point, my 2 primary interests were pokemon and beanie babies. What could I have told myself then. From where I am, the last 10 years went pretty well. The Bucs won, The Sox won- TWICE! Kurt Warner is still awesome. Derek Jeter is still a a thorn. The only tip I'd give myself is Talk to Everyone. You're not gonna find your social circle in southeastern Connecticut. Let's try looking back on the last -five- years.

ITT: It's January 2005. Sox are Champions of the world and I'm back in Stonington High after an unsuccessful 3/4 of a year at a trade school, completely unsure what I'm going to do with my life, 8 months before finding KoL and never having done so much as kiss a girl.
*It doesn't matter that you took that Media Communications class just so you could duck out of first period 5 minutes early to set up the student news. You're gonna like it.
*Be nice to your 10th grade english teacher. You'll end up dating someone just like her in a few years. Don't worry it's cool. Trust me.
*Don't put any stock in anything you do socially. I can not stress how little it matters.
*Spend time with your old man, but try and convince him to get offa dialup.
*"I would have regret not doing it" is reason enough to do something.
*Girls like the hair. Maybe not -those- girls, but plenty of them do.
*Take a McSweeney class as quickly as you can. See if you can find a D&D group. I couldn't.
*Mix tapes are dead. CDs suck. Get an mp3 player.
*Social networking sites like myspace are the future. And more importantly, they're your future.
*Yes, there are women out there who like you.
*Yes, you are attractive.
*Before you even ask, yes. So very yes. And it's awesome.
*Pot sucks, booze is alright. You're not missing -that- much right now.
*Always back up your files.
*When Mr. Nadeau said 'you'll all be DEAD before the Red Sox win. And when they do, only then can you look me in the face and say HA!' Remind him of this quote every day until you graduate.
*Walk the track in gym class a few times. The gym dodgers are some of the more interesting people on campus.
*While you admire the hell out of Sara and think she's really cute, she's not what you're looking for in a girlfriend. Cara maybe.
*Stay in touch with Rebeckah Sullivan. She needs you.
*Talk to cousin Jimmy about movies some time. Get ahead of the game on that one.
*Grown ups > kids
*Get a job. Even if it's a shitty job. You'll be surprised how much money a week of working your ass off gets you.
*Go after Lindsay. She's not actually seeing anyone.
*Remember that band from Tiny Toon Adventures? Yeah you'll be hearing a lot more from them soon.
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25 July 2009 @ 03:19 pm
1) Big Red is in critical condition. It won't even boot now. I'm currently running off the Live CD. I tried reinstalling everything, but it gave me this error that's all

The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:

This is often due to a faulty hard disk. It may help to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.

So on Wednesday, I'm going up to Best Buy to make use of my warranty.

2) I called the people from the craigslist link in my last post and actually got to talk to them instead of leaving a message. I'm heading up there to meet everyone on Tuesday (my next day off)

23 July 2009 @ 12:38 am
I'm moving to Warwick. Sooner than I planned. This apartment has been tempting me for too long. I think what I'm gonna do is call them again when I get my phone back (which died earlier this week due to whitescreening, but Korri got on it and a replacement should be here Friday.) I'm gonna call them and see if it's still open. I contacted them when I first found the ad, saying I wanted to move in come October, but they said they wanted someone sooner than that. Dad came into some money from Grandma, so he could help me with that first deposit ($900). I'm thinking what I'll do is ask for fewer hours at work and spend half my week up in Warwick hunting for a new job while still bringing -something- in.
03 July 2009 @ 02:24 am
IT'S OVER! I'm gonna need a little break from movies now. 2 hour timesinks aren't that easy to fit into my schedule.
21th: Die Hard
: Die Hard is a pretty cool guy. eh shoots lots of terrorists and doesn't afraid of anything. But seriously, I'm not a big fan of the 'building full of bad guys versus one juiced up Super Man' action genre. But this was solid. If you only see one movie about a Testosterone-tastic manly-man killing a squad of baddies, make it this one. 2/2
22th: Edward Scissorhands
: Y'know...I didn't care for this one that much... Maybe my expectations were too high going in, but the story didn't captivate me that much. 1/2
23th: American Graffiti: I barely got through this one. I was expecting something much better. I felt like through all the other media and pop culture things I've taken in, I've already seen the movie. 0/2
24th: Empire Records: This one brought me right back up. Great story, great characters. And afterwards, I told Korri I loved her at 1:37. 2/2
25th: 16 Candles: This one was pretty great too. I'd already seen the Breakfast Club, and it was amusing seeing Ringwald/Michael Hall chemistry in this light. Definitely a great watch. And AWWWWW! Good ending! 2/2
26th: Heathers: Fucked up in all the right ways. Also, I really like Christian Slater's voice. I really liked watching this. 2/2
27th: Clockwork Orange: This was a bit too long...there were some good parts. But I lost interest at some points. 1/2
28th: Mallrats: This was going to be History of the World Part 1, but the torrent was too slow. I'm glad I got to work this one in. -NOW- I've seen all the Kevin Smith films, right? Right?! 2/2
29th: Young Frankenstein: This was okay. Not as good as Blazing Saddles/Spaceballs though. I did love the rendition of Puttin on the Ritz though. 1/2
30th: Apocalypse now:I may need to rewatch this one. Didn't leave much of an impression on me. Maybe I was just anxious to get this month done with. 1/2
21 June 2009 @ 11:35 pm
11th: Snatch: Nice little heist flick. Really loved the trio of black crooks. 1/2.
12th: Sneakers: OMG BLIND GUY DRIVING THE VAN! Computer magic aside, solid flick. 2/2
13th: Chasing Amy: I love Kevin Smith movies and at some point, I gotta see Mallrats. This was on the fast track to becoming my new favorite movie period. Then the last 40 minutes happened and I got super depressed. 2/2
14th: Fargo: "The woodchipper scene" was greatly overrated. It was a leg. Big deal. That's not even the worst Steve Buscemi death -this month-. This film needed more scenes with hookers. Oh yah. 1/2
15th: Raising Arizona: If you ever wanted to see John Goodman scream a lot, this is your movie. I thought it was pretty mediocre. 1/2
16th: Slapshot: It's amazing. 30 years ago, people were just as vulgar and violent in the movies as they are now. "If she's a dyke, does that mean her husband's a fag?" 2/2
17th: Spinal Tap: I'm gonna slap a big ol 'overrated' tag on this one. Maybe I'm too young to fully get it, but I dunno man. Just not that great. 1/2
18th: The Sting: I should probably stop watching these at 1 am, cause I could barely follow this one. 1/2
19th: Dr. Strangelove: Yeah I got 2 minutes into Boondock Saints and declared I couldn't focus on it, so I switched out to movie #31. Very glad I did. 2/2
20th: Waiting: This one hit a little bit close to home. As a professional dishwasher though, while Bishop was a good character, he wasn't really a good dishwasher character. It's almost like they had stories about every other kitchen position and just threw something together for Bishop. Still really fun though. 2/2
11 June 2009 @ 12:05 am
Okay some of you have asked what I thought of the films I've seen so far. Figured I'd do a brief summary after every 10 films. Here's the first 10:

1st: The Big Lebowski: Fucking hilarious. Definitely worth seeing. Didn't really like how it just ended like that, but oh well. The journey was great even if the destination was not. 2/2
2nd: Reservoir Dogs: Another big winner. Loved the characters, loved the story, didn't even mind the fractured chronology. I kinda wanna go and just watch this one again. 3/2
3rd: Pulp Fiction: I'm watching this one again come July 1st. God damn that was satisfying. 3/2
4th: Kentucky Fried Movie: Definitely had its moments, but probably didn't belong on this list. Really, I only put it here cause it had been sitting on my desktop for about 2 months. 1/2
5th: The Goonies:  I have this throbbing hardon for Rube Goldberg devices. So yeah. 2/2
6th: The Usual Suspects: Maybe I was just distracted that night, but this movie didn't really grab me the way the previous ones did. It had the same fractured chronology Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs had, but the characters didn't captivate me the same way. The ending was still pretty awesome though. 1/2
7th: Fight Club: I'm not really sure what I can say about this. It was fucked up, but in the "holy shit dude did you see that!" way. 3/2
8th: Goodfellas: First half was great, second half was very good. The acting got a bit more unrealistic as the film went on. Still a classic. 2/2
9th: Oceans 11: Overall good movie. Not sure if I'd call it -great-. Also, Don Cheadle's character just reminded me of the Demoman from Team Fortress 2. 1/2
10th: The Matrix: Great concept, mediocre execution. Neo never should have left the Wyld Stallyns. 1/2

01 June 2009 @ 11:00 pm
So as some of you know, I suck at seeing movies. This month, I'm going to change that. I'm going to watch a different must-see movie every night of this month. I need some suggestions, people. Here's the list so far:
(And yes, there will be a lot of "you haven't seen ____?! What the fuck, glebs!")

1st: The Big Lebowski
2nd: Reservoir Dogs
3rd: Pulp Fiction
4th: Kentucky Fried Movie
5th: The Goonies
6th: The Usual Suspects
7th: Fight Club
8th: Goodfellas
9th: Oceans 11
10th: The Matrix
11th: Snatch
12th: Sneakers
13th: Chasing Amy
14th: Fargo

15th: Raising Arizona
16th: Slapshot

17th: Spinal Tap
18th: The Sting

19th: Dr. Strangelove
20th: Waiting
21th: Die Hard
22th: Edward Scissorhands
23th: American Graffiti

24th: Empire Records
25th: 16 Candles
26th: Heathers

27th: Clockwork Orange
28th: Mallrats

29th: Young Frankenstein
30th: Apocalypse now

I've gotten enough suggestions to fill June and probably July.